Easter Colored Contacts Blind Eggs


All the lenses are random and mysterious.

There's nothing like the feeling of opening a blind box and getting the super beautiful colored contact lenses that you were hoping for. Our blind eggs can be awesome gifts for every occasion.

Blind Eggs Rule:

Blind eggs refer to the type of packaging that keeps the collectible colored contact lenses as a mystery until it is opened. There are 4 boxes available and the colors of the contacts in the box are random.

🐣 Egg 1: 1 Pair Random + 1 Gift ($19)

🐣 Egg 2: 3 Pairs Random + 1 Gift +Free Shipping (Save $22)

🐣 Egg 3: 6 Pairs Random + 1 Gift +Free Shipping (Save $64)

🐣 Egg 4: 9 Pairs Random + 1 Gift +Free Shipping (Save $101)

Try your luck!

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