Hidrocor Quartz Gray Colored Contacts (U.S. Stock)

$18.90 $26

Quartz gray features a two-tone shade colored contacts. Its yellowish tint in the center with no limbal ring gives subtle blending for the most realistic look under the quartz gray. Just perfect for someone that wants to enhance eyes color yet keep natural eyes.


      Material HEMA Power 0.00~-8.00
      DIA 14.2mm Water Content 38%
      Life Span Yearly Base Curve 8.6mm
      Packing Blister/2 pieces Recommendation Good for dark eyes
      Hidrocor Quartz Gray color contacts with natural looking model picture
      Hidrocor Quartz Gray prescription colored contacts with before and after photo
      Hidrocor Quartz Gray colored contacts prescription with natural looking model picture

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