FreshGo Contact Lenses | Try&Review | Ai Georges


Ai Georges shares her love of makeup and beauty through her makeup beauty tutorials. She will always make sure you have the freshest face with her amazing makeup tips and cosmetic tricks.

After every shopping trip, Ai Georges is excited to showcase her shopping haul. Well, so what she will share today? She spent hours browsing online for various colored contact lenses websites, and Eye FreshGo appeared in front of her eyes. Yep, she will show how she put in colored contacts and how Eye FreshGo works on her eyes.

In today's video, Ai Georges is trying over 5 different natural colored contact lenses. You will know how natural-looking color contact lenses would look with her very dark brown eyes. The colored contacts range from gray to hazel to green to blue.

Don't forget to let me know which of the color contacts you like the most.

👉 3 Ton Sterling Gray

👉 Hidrocor Ochre Brown

👉 Symphony 3con Gray

👉 Glow Vivid Blue

👉 Hidrocor Azul Blue

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