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What is FreshGo Affiliate Program?

An affiliate partner is an individual or company that sends visitors to and achieves a commission for every sale that is made. The FreshGo Affiliate Program creates a significant opportunity for the people who love colored contact lenses to monetize traffic and make money in the beauty niche.

What do you get when you join our Affiliate Program?

We give you a 15% commission on each referral sale you make. We, with a wide range of colored contact lenses, are looking forward to sharing our resources with you.

Achieve a win-win situation with your customers by joining our Affiliate Program!

How does it work?

Apply - Click the signup button and fill out our short Affiliate Program application form.

Share - Once your application is approved, you get a unique referral link. Tell all your friends + fam about your unique referral link to earn commissions!

How do I get paid for my referrals?

To make Ambassador payments as easy as possible, we pay affiliate commissions via PayPal, a free service that’s super quick and easy to sign up for.