Colored Contact Lens For Dark Eyes x Dark Skin Ft FreshGo | Okemute Ugwuamaka

If you have dark brown skin, are Eye FreshGo's colored contact lenses right for you? As we know, colored contacts have varying effects on people, and a great deal of this depends on the pattern features - like opacity, tonality, size, and presence or black of a limbal ring. Additionally, the wearer's own skin color and hair color can greatly affect how much the contacts stand out (or blend in). In today's video, Okemute Ugwuamaka is trying five pairs of Eye FreshGo colored contact lenses and showing how to choose the right colored contacts for dark skin.

👉 Hidrocor Quartz Gray

👉 Spanish Real Gray

👉 Hidrocor Avela Brown

👉 Rio Parati Gray

👉 Rio Ochre Brown

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