FreshGo Colored Contacts Review! Colored Contact Lenses on Dark Brown Eyes

If you are tired of buying colored lenses that look overdramatic and fake, this video is for you. If you do not like the bug eye effect that many colored contacts have, and you want to know where to find the most realistic and natural-looking colored contacts, this video is for you! Valentine Lewis is a beauty, fashion, travel, and lifestyle YouTube and Instagram top blogger, located in Los Angeles, CA. In her blog, she produces fun, positive, creative beauty and fashion videos.

She has tried so many different contact lens companies and collections, and she shares all the BEST lenses that literally can pass as your real eye color.

👉 Hidrocor Icy Gray

👉 Hidrocor Topaz Blue

👉 Premium Blue

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Can 11-year old wear it?
Could it get stuck in your eye
how do we remove it

Rosanne Jawad June 08, 2022

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