Thank you for being a part of the FreshGo affiliate team now! Let's get started with your affiliate journey and earn money in the beauty niche.

First, log in and get to know the affiliate account.

The first thing you’ll receive when you’re accepted into a merchant’s program is a welcome email. It looks something like this:

Within the email is a link to your dashboard. To access your dashboard from your URL, simply enter your email and password, and click Login. (If you want, you can change your login information from your Settings once you’ve logged in.)

Dashboard: From your dashboard, you can find your referral code, and referral link and track your referral conversion here.

Creatives: We upload many fancy ad creatives here. You can use them to promote your affiliate business. Not the right size or need custom content? Send your requirements to and we'll help you out.

Second, confirm your conversion triggers.

We offer 3 types of conversion triggers to track your referral conversion.

1)  Affiliate Link conversion triggers: A unique link will be created when you are approved to join our program. You can find it in your affiliate account dashboard.

2) Coupon Code conversion triggers: Create unique coupon codes per affiliate. When the coupon code is used, the affiliate will be credited for the order. Works well for Instagram and Snapchat influencers.

3) Email conversion triggers: Affiliates can submit emails of prospective customers. When one of those customers makes a purchase, the affiliate will be credited automatically. Popular with affiliates who have a network of engaged customers. Also useful for creating lifetime customers, or customers that are associated to an affiliate for any order.

Usually, we use your affiliate link to track your referral conversions by default. If you choose the default conversion triggers, there are two popular coupon codes for you to promote our products.

Code: SP2

- Buy 2 get 1 free: Add any 3 items to the cart.

Code: SP3

- Buy 3 get 3 free: Add any 6 items to the cart.

But if you need a unique coupon code as your conversion triggers, please send an email to We will help you to create a unique code.

Third, the commission will be paid to your PayPal account at the end of each month.

We offer a 15% commission rate on the total order (product value only) for all referral orders you made. Order total excludes taxes, shipping, or any additional surcharges. Personal purchases are not accounted for as valid commissions.

Here I'm sure you already know how you should start your affiliate journey next. Any questions, feel free to reply to this email. I will get back to you in a few hours. Have a good one!