Hidrocor Gen 3 Colored Contact 8 Colors Available

$23.99 $35

Hidrocor Series is the most classic and popular series among all our products, with more than 5 million pairs of lenses sold worldwide every year. Based on the market analysis and customer feedback in 2021, and in line with our forecast of the fashion trend in 2022, we have upgraded Hidrocor Series and proudly launched Hidrocor Gen 3 Series.

These colored contact lenses are coming hot! All 8 vivid shades, the most natural color will totally change the game and transform your eyes, even on the darkest eye color. Most important, they're really fresh and natural to style with.

With a subtle change, the Hidrocor Gen3 Series lighten up your eyes without being noticed, which is perfect for your daily makeup.

As we know, changing eye color is increasingly popular among younger people. If you are tired of your eye color and jealous of those with blue eyes, or just want to lighten up your eyes, what you need to do is a little subtle change on your everyday look - Take action and begin your colored contacts journey with Eye FreshGo colored contact lens now! 

Material HEMA Power 0.00
DIA 14.0mm Water Content 40%
Life Span Yearly Base Curve 8.5mm
Packing Blister/2 pieces Recommendation For both dark and light eyes

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