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Madara Uchiha - Naruto Sclera Lenses

  • This eye belongs to Madara Uchiha. This Sharingan allows Madara to fly while inside Susano'o and also transform it into his Complete Body form. His Susanoo has four arms, which can destroy mountains.

    Due to their size, wearing Sclera Lenses might be uncomfortable. Your eyesight may slightly worsen. Don’t wear them all day. Never drive a car when using contacts nor take part in any other dangerous activities which require perfect vision.


Material HEMA Power 0.00
DIA 22mm Water Content 38%
Life Span Yearly Base Curve 9.0mm
Packing Vial/2 pieces Recommendation For Halloween and cosplay

22mm sclera contact lenses which entirely cover the sclera and iris

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