Witness Passion with New Spanish Colored Contacts

Ever wonder why we all have different eye colors? Well it is due to the amount of a pigment present in iris known as melanin though it has different impacts across cultures and countries. The most powerful choices you made in your daily life like whenever you buy a product, you also choose color. And the color you pick for your clothes, hair or any other thing can directly exhibit your personality because it becomes your style statement. The same goes for your eyes. The reason why people choose colored lenses are different but most probably it is because they want to enhance their natural eye color by making it more bold and vibrant or sometimes you just need a change from your regular eye color.

Whatever the case, FreshGo offers a wide array of spanish lenses that are so natural and by natural we don't only mean browns. We are covering everyone’s likings and choices. You also definitely need a pair that is a soft, comfortable yet stylish and trendy pair for your eyes so whatever you wear it should be secure and sound because it's the matter of your body's most delicate and essential part so plan and do your research before getting your hands on any cheap lenses.

About Spanish series:

In a world full of shortcomings, make your eyes perfect only with us. Spanish lenses collection having beautiful lenses with comfort, style, convenience and also much affordable. They have 14.0cm diameter that will help your eyes feel more comfortable and soft. Material of the lenses is organic HEMA. They have an yearly life span. They don't come in power and have a base curve of 8.6mm with 38% water content. We do care about your preference so we have colors for every kind of personality.

Spanish Real Olive Colored Contacts

Try something different from the rest. Spanish real olive colored contacts feature a green and a tinge of brown. Now people who are confused between green and brown can have this. They are best for daily use whether going to office or school. Not only are they trendy but extremely breathable because your eyes need to breathe even when you are wearing lenses.

Spanish Real Peach Colored Contacts

Have a sweetilicious look same as peach with our Spanish real peach colored contacts. Spanish real peach contacts feature a purplish color with a tinge of pink. They are perfect for any outing as they are soft and comfortable, it won’t be destroying your party. Recommended to all those people who want to slay any event.

Spanish Real Sky Colored Contacts

For all the cool classy people who love to have the most idealistic eyes with Spanish real sky colored contacts. This shade has 2 tones, that is so natural and exquisite. It will mix well with your real eyes and make your eye color lighter in a cool natural way. It will certainly change your look in no time and it won't create any fuss if you wear them all day.

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More than 40% of us wear lenses but do not follow proper care instructions or keep poor lens hygiene that causes problems. Here is what to do and what not to do when carrying and wearing lenses.
  1. Make sure your hands are clean. You never know how much germs you are carrying on your hands so it’s better to wash your hands first.
  2. Make a habit to use fresh lens solutions. If you are topping up a new solution with an old solution then you are allowing germs and bacteria to grow instead of cleaning.
  3. Don’t clean lenses with tap water as it will create redness or irritation to your eyes.
  4. Never bathe with your lenses on. Remove lenses before taking a hot bath or going for a swim.
  5. Consult a doctor. If you feel any irritation or any slightest issue.
  6. Don’t wear your contacts overnight. Until or unless you have prescribed lenses that allow you to wear it that way.


Colored contact lenses allow you to change your eye color but with our luxury spanish lenses you can easily create a look that's subtle, bold or anywhere in between. Just make sure you choose your desired and matched shade. As there are many running brands, you must be confused to choose. Here are a few things to keep in mind that we are not only delivering but also serving thousands of people who not only love us but are loyal towards Freshgo because of the quality, comfort and style.