Shine with the Dazzling New Rio Series

Ever dreamed of having a different color of your eyes? Or wanted to enhance your own beautiful eye colour to make your eyes look even brighter and more beautiful? This is possible with FreshGo’s coloured contact lenses. Wearing colored contact lenses is a way of dramatically changing your appearance with eye color you've always wanted. With our wide range of fashionable contact lenses, you can get a complete stylish and dramatic look. Whether you’re going for something glamourous or whether you require vision correction, we have a wide selection of lenses available to complete your look. Those who have to wear glasses, say goodbye to specs. But don’t worry, Eye FreshGo has got you covered.

Eye FreshGo has carefully selected the design, texture, color blending, diameter, base curve and material of the lenses to provide our customers with a fashionable yet comfortable product. Our team has been continuously committed to product development, to respond to the dynamic client needs suitably, which can clearly be seen by the frequent new colors and designs in a short period of time. FreshGo recently launched a new Rio collection which has some amazing colored contact lenses.

About the New Rio Collection

FreshGo recently launched a new Rio collection inspired from the natural beauty of Rio de Janerio in Brazil. With six dazzling colors to select from (Buzios, Copacabana, Ipanema, Parati, Mel and Ochre), the Rio collection is pushing the boundary of what colored contact lenses can accomplish. Each of the colors claims its own story and representations from the rich forest to the brilliant sky over Rio de Janerio. The designs of this collection have a high opacity and cover the iris completely and totally alter the color of your eyes.

Product Specification

FreshGo’s Rio Yearly Color Contact Lens Collection is available without prescription. Coming to the material and the moisture content, the lenses are made from HEMA the percentage of water content is 38%. The diameter is 14.2mm. The lenses are safe to wear and can be used for a year. The base curve is 8.6mm. These lenses are good for light as well as dark colored eyes.

Rio Copacabana Green Colored Contacts

Imagine bright green trees inclining lightly in the breeze. Who wouldn’t want a little nature in their look? If you want to wow a crowd, Rio Copacabana Green by FreshGo is the way to go. With the Rio Copacabana Green Colored Contacts let your eyes sparkle.

Rio Parati Gray Colored Lenses

In case you need to imitate the smokey and stay cool, Rio Parati Grey is the one. These lenses blend with dark and light eyes amazingly well. Natural looking, these lenses are ideal for regular use, in everyday situations.  These lenses are simple but no way less striking.

Rio Ipanema Colored Contacts


If you love the ocean and the sky, there's a sweet and simple way to add a little bit of that blue shade into your life and your eyes. These lenses are blue circle contact lenses with vibrant color and a stylish look. Rio Ipanema is a medium blue shade with a soft yellow blend that looks both amazing and very natural.

Click here to view all Rio colored contacts.

Why Choose Us?

  • The new FreshGo’s Rio Collection is perfect for you if you are a nature lover. With these lenses, you can change your eye color to that of a forest, ocean or even sky.
  • These lenses are soft, stylish and comfortable.
  • These lenses protect your eyes from UV rays and have an iris-like design.
  • The sandwich technology makes sure there is no extraction of ink.
  • The moisture content prevents your eyes from drying.
  • They have a life span of one year.
  • Our customers are our priority and always come first. We guarantee the quality of our lenses. Any return or exchange of items can be made within 30 days after the order is received. For defective items, we offer free replacement as compensation.


  • Always fill your contact lenses case with fresh multipurpose solution.
  • Do not further use these lenses after one year of use.
  • If you have any problems with comfort, vision, or redness, remove your lenses and seek advice from your eye care professional.