Sclera Lenses Arrive in Devil Manner

It does not need to be any particular costume party to dress up as your favorite character, you can do it whenever you like. Ever feel that your makeup is on point and you have chosen the best costume for a look but still something is missing? Adding a perfect pair of lenses can complete your look and costume.
Most of the people do not know about Sclera lenses. Well, sclera lenses cover the whole eye and give the most haunted and stunning look ever. But people often get scared with sclera lenses because they are kind of different from regular colored contacts or cosplay lenses. But Freshgo has solved this problem for you. Freshgo has introduced new sclera lenses that are soft, comfortable, breathable and extremely good with eyes. Other than that, our sclera lenses can definitely make your halloween or any look perfect.

If you are wondering what to do with your look to make it stand out in a crowd, then you must add a splash of style to your costume through sclera that will take your look to the next level. You can choose with our wide range collection that is thoroughly researched and manufactured through so much care because we care about your eyes. Sclera lenses are a must have for a costume look as it brings the perfect finishing to your scary character look.

About the new Sclera lenses:

Experimenting a new look is always fun but it requires so much effort. But now Freshgo has launched the best quality sclera lenses that are extremely safe, soft, comfortable and scary as well. With the help of their special effect, it creates such a horror look that will make people go crazy. Most of the time people get really annoyed because they are paying a huge amount and in the end the sclera lenses make their eyes red. Freshgo has solved their problem totally.

Whether you want to be a vampire or devil--We have covered you with luxury styles and patterns designed. Now you don’t need to stick to the ordinary options when you can have an epic one. Bring chills to people with the dramatic effect.

Sasuke Mangekyou Sharingan

While the Sharingan simply requires an intense look, we designed a perfect naruto sclera pair for all heavenly eyes that see the reality of all creation without any hindrance. This pair is best for any anime series lovers who wants to bring out their inner anime into reality. This pattern is purely inspired by the character and brings the best out of you.

Bloodstained Sclera Lenses

Get the crazy vicious look with bloodstained sclera lenses. Our bold and dramatic lenses will have your stare fascinating everyone around you. It’s the perfect time to have your hands on them. Be a vampire, demon or any character. We are sure that you are going to ace the look.

White Mesh Sclera Lenses


Are you ready to take your look to the whole new level with the new White Mesh Sclera Lenses? The pigment is specially designed to even work perfectly on dark eyes so worry less and try this unique pair. Our versatile white mesh sclera will possibly give you the best halloween look and will make all the crowd go wow.

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As sclera lenses are a bit different due to their size. You need to be extra careful.
  1. You need to wash your hands thoroughly before using sclera lenses.
  2. Your eyes need to be widely open then stick a sclera lens on a plunger.
  3. Just focus in a mirror and hold your eyelids.
  4. Slowly insert lens and pull away plunger after inserting properly.


It’s always fun to play with things when trying to be cool and different but at the same time there are a few things you need to keep in mind while using these sclera lenses so that it won’t hurt your eyes. Please strictly follow before applying sclera lenses.

  1. Don’t use it for a longer period. As we all know that these lenses can not be worn all day so don’t use them regularly and follow this instruction to avoid any unfavorable circumstances.
  2. Buy from a reliable source. Don't risk your eyes on products that may have been manufactured improperly or don't have sterile packaging.
  3. Avoid any water activity. This could be harmful to your eyes badly so it’s better to avoid contact with water.
  4. Fill in a new solution before using. The old solution will carry germs and it will cause irritation and redness.
  5. Never use after the date of expiry. Time to get a new pair now.
  6. Seek advice from a professional doctor. Immediately remove lenses. If you feel any irritation or problem.


FreshGo has introduced this range of Sclera Lenses that is soft, safe and comfortable. As Halloween and costume parties are so common these days every now and then, you must be watching many sellers selling sclera lenses. Our sclera lenses are extra breathable, soft and comfortable. So what are you waiting for? Order A safe pair of sclera lenses from FreshGo and make your costume look complete.