GORGEOUS Natural Contacts For Brown Eyes! - by Carrie M

Carrie M is a content creator on Youtube mainly consisting of beauty, hair, makeup & fashion. Her quality content, creativeness, & high energy will deliver an amazing experience to you. She will review 5 pairs of Eye FreshGo colored contact lenses and show you how Eye FreshGo lenses work on dark brown eyes in this video.

Here is the list of lenses:

👉 Pure Hazel Colored Contacts

👉 Icy Gray Colored Contacts

👉 Topaz Blue Colored Contacts

👉 Caramel Brown Colored Contacts

👉 Forest Green Colored Contacts

First of all, let's take a look at Carrie's original eye color, which, as you can see, is very dark.

Okay, let's go back to the colored contact lenses. Can't wait...

Pure Hazel Colored Contacts

Check how these lenses work on Carrie's eyes. Wow! Wow! Wow! This color is definitely the first choice for someone who just wants to lighten up her/his brown eye color but not too much drama! The lens has a delicate pattern and it has a bright hazel color on the periphery that will brighten up the entire eye color. The color in the center of the lens is honey, which adds a rich color variation to the whole lens. As we look at the photo, we can see that the eyes seem to be shining brightly.

Icy Gray Colored Contacts

Icy gray is a very natural and popular color on Eye FreshGo. It is as if the design of these lenses is inspired by the aurora borealis, creating a misty dream. Icy Gray Colored Contacts with natural-looking can change your eye color without being noticed. With light gray color accents throughout, your eyes will look natural and soft yet will command attention with their unique shade. This is a great choice for those who do not want to be too flashy.

Topaz Blue Colored Contacts

Topaz Blue Colored Contacts - The most popular. High opacity blue-green Topaz lens tints dark brown eyes with a dreaming color in a natural way. So, how it looks on Carrie's eyes?

It's really natural! We can see that the lenses effectively cover up her original eye color and change her eyes to a light, natural blue color. Often times we have a very stereotypical effect that black people's eye color is brown and black. This pair of lenses, however, breaks our original perception. These lenses make a great impression.

Caramel Brown Colored Contacts

Many people have brown eyes and they just want to enhance their eye color. Our Caramel Brown Colored Contacts with a natural looking look stand out in so many brown colored contact lenses. The radial limbal ring enhances your iris and makes your eyes look bigger. From the skin tone situation, brown contacts are more suitable for people with wheatish complexion, which looks more healthy and young. And it also pairs perfectly with daily makeup, which is better if combined with lighter eye shadow.

Forest Green Colored Contacts

LOL... This lens is really flashy. In fact, it's not that suitable for the office or for daily makeup. But if you are a fan of dramatic eye makeup, this lens can really take your makeup to the next level. Forest Green Colored Contacts with a sharp green textured will completely change your eye color, and with orange or red eye makeup, it's a new sensation. I want to challenge my makeup skills too!

To sum up, Carrie M tried a total of 5 pairs of lenses and they all performed very well. Here is the list of lenses:

👉 Pure Hazel Colored Contacts

👉 Icy Gray Colored Contacts

👉 Topaz Blue Colored Contacts

👉 Caramel Brown Colored Contacts

👉 Forest Green Colored Contacts

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