Do FreshGo colored contacts work on darkest eyes? | Reviewed by Melissa Danielle

Gone are the days when a person could only change their appearance by changing their hair color, makeup, and dress. Sounds bold? Maybe you have never used one pair of unique colored contacts to express your emotions.

There may be many reasons why people like to wear colored contact lenses, but one is definitely that the lenses can enhance or change their eye color. We always say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. Now, let's decorate this window with our favorite style and color and show ourselves to the fullest.

Melissa Danielle is a fashion influencer with 55,000 subscribers. We came across her video on YouTube feeds. At once, we were infected by her confidence and smile, and we were thinking how wonderful it would be if she could wear our lenses. To this end, we sent her four pairs of colored contacts to try on and invite her to have an honest review.

As we all know, it's difficult to choose colored contacts for those who have dark brown eyes because the lens (which always has some degree of transparency) will be muddled by their dark iris. And Melissa has really dark brown eyes. Considering this situation, Melissa with really dark brown eyes decided to choose Premium Brown, Rio Copacabana, Icy Gray, and Topaz Blue. So, without further ado, let us go ahead and check how FreshGo lenses work on her eyes one by one. Come on!

Wearing FreshGo Colored Contacts Before And After

1) Premium Brown Colored Contacts

If you just want a subtle change and to lighten up your eyes, brown lenses are always the safest choice. With a radial limbal ring, our premium brwon colored contacts can effectively make your eyes look bigger and brighter.

Wearing FreshGo Premium Brown Colored Contacts

2) Rio Copacabana Colored Contacts

With high opaque, Copacabana colored contacts can change your eye color without being noticed, even if you have the darkest eyes like Melissa. It's a bold try because people will instantly notice the change in your eye color.

Wearing FreshGo Rio Copacabana Colored Contacts

3) Icy Gray Colored Contacts

Gray colors are another option for dark brown eyes. The icy gray does not steal the show as much as the other colors. They lighten up your eyes and transfer the brown to a smoke gray, which looks natural and cool.

Wearing FreshGo Icy Gray Colored Contacts

4) Topaz Blue Colored Contacts

Topaz blue is one of our bestsellers as its blue is a transition between blue and green, thereby changing dark eyes even to the even lightest blues or greens. There is a brown in the inner ring, making the shade more warm and natural.

Wearing FreshGo Topaz Blue Colored Contacts

Thanks to Melissa Danielle for creating this amazing video. From this video, we can learn that FreshGo colored contacts work great on dark brown eyes. Whether you want a dramatic pop of green or a toned-down hazel, colored contacts for dark eyes can be just as versatile as you want.

Comment and let us know which color is your favorite!

Melissa Danielle Wearing FreshGo Colored Contacts

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